Learn how to STAND OUT from your competitors so you MAKE MORE MONEY


Are less-deserving competitors doing more business than you?


Are you willing to learn and apply what it takes, as long as it is honest and ethical, to make your business stand out above the crowd? 

The key is to know how to separate your business from your competitors

tough competition

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If your business is worthy of most of the market sharechances are your website and ads are failing to make the impact you deserve

Why? Nearly all websites and ads lack the powerful content necessary to separate their businesses from their competitors. 


Creating a convincing impression starts with a strong headline and sub-headline that capture and hold attention


Bored website visitor

This holds true for any media... websites, social or traditional. Here are some actual headlines of home pages and ads. Would these seize your attention and excite you to read the content that would follow?

"We care for your pets" • "Imagine the impossibilities" • "Feel better again" • "See the difference for yourself" • "We meet our clients by accident" • "We help build bridges"

Of course not! 

They fail to capture attention, generate interest, or motivate prospects to want to learn more.

Learn The
Formula for Market Dominance


Reviewing the Formula for Market Dominance
Knock your competition over

The Formula for Market Dominance (FMD) is our seven-step process that will make your services the obvious choice over your competitors. We invite you to learn and apply the FMD to your business on your own. However, to ensure you get the most from the FMD, we offer you a FREE one-hour consultation should you so desire. You may also consider receiving ongoing guidance, or have us develop and implement your strategy for you. Learn more

Are our marketing services for your business?
Agreeing to work with Business Builders

First, we work only with professional services such as healthcare providers, attorneys, accountants, realtors and financial service providers.


Second, you need to have a strong desire to significantly grow your business. This may require uncovering and implementing innovations that will make it obvious your business offers superior value.


Third, our approach is not "mainstream". You will need the courage to implement strategic communications that will move your business in an different direction than what you or your competitors have ever taken. You will need to understand our approach, realize its potential, and get excited about its advantages. Begin by reading through this website.  Learn more...

Innovative idea

To greatly increase your market share, you must consistently provide better value than your competitors, and deliver compelling communications that set your business apart.

If your business is not the clear choice over your competitors, we can help you uncover and implement innovative ideas so your business will be 

All this requires is: 

  • A fervor for excellence,

  • A willingness to improve the value of what you provide,

  • The means to generate exciting, innovative ideas, and

  • Courage to do things differently.


Your improved value can be in terms of the quality of your services, customer service, consistency, convenience, or price... preferably more than one of the above or even all. Our method, called The Blueprint for Competitive Advantage Innovations, will enable you to attain the superiority you need to produce powerful content that will enable you to receive a much greater share of the business.

The Formula for Market Dominance means more new business

The Formula for Market Dominance should drive your website, Social media, Internet ads, and traditional media content



We will show you how to capture and hold attention with powerful headlines and sub-headlines that will spark your prospects to read your content. Then we will explain how to write compelling text that will persuade and propel prospective clients or patients to select your services in a way that will be palatable to all your referral sources.


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