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Receive a Personal FREE One-Hour Consultation. During this session, our marketing strategist will help you sort out what the most effective strategy is for your business. Schedule a phone, Skype®, FaceTime®, face-to-face meeting.

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Strategy vs. tactics
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Our understanding of where the economy is headed, the Formula for Market Dominance and the depth of knowledge he has on how to apply it is our competitive advantage.

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Selecting Media

The way to ensure your advertising dollars are well spent is through diligence and research. If you follow these steps you will avoid throwing money away and get better results from your ads. Use this approach for all online and traditional media. 

Links to Other Marketing Related Sites

The following are the sources that enabled our marketing strategist to develop our strategic marketing approach. We deeply appreciate them all.


Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business

Jim Collins


Peter Drucker


Mitch Meyerson


Jack Trout

Michael Gerber

Richard Harshaw

Hubbard College

Tom Peters

Jay Abraham

Steven W. Brown

Michael Porter

Al Ries

Jim Rohn

Seth Godin

Tom Vassos

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