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The Formula for Market Dominance™ Step 2:

Capture Attention


The first objective any promotion must achieve is to capture the attention of your potential customers. The way you attain this is by pushing the biggest emotional hot buttons your potential customers have. Emotional hot buttons include the fears, frustrations, difficulties, desires, pain, or annoyances people possess in selecting and using your services. 


Using Emotional Hot Buttons

Here is an example. A few years ago, a software company introduced the first program for businesses that provided instant routing and tracking of field employees. The biggest hot button for employers regarding not being able to track their field employees uncovered by surveys was, “Knowing where your field employees are at all times.” Your headline might be: “Finally, you can know exactly where all your field employees are every second of the day.

Here is an example of a business faced with stiff competition. The product is workers’ compensation insurance for small business owners. Survey results revealed the biggest fear employers had concerning workers’ comp insurance and agents is “being ripped off.” Your headline might be: “Five ways to ensure your insurance agent won’t rip you off with high workers’ comp premiums.

Both of these headlines capture the attention of the prospect.

Writing Powerful Headlines

There is much to know about writing headlines. Here is a quick checklist of some of the things to do and avoid:

  • Only use headlines that push emotional hot buttons.

  • Use emotion in your headline so it impacts and impinges. Capture attention with emotion. Once you have their attention, present a logical solution.

  • Generalities fail to grab attention and are rarely believed. Rather, use specifics like, “Seven ways to avoid” or “The 90-second solution to..."

  • Stay away from puns or trying to be cute. Double meanings create confusion, are seldom hot buttons, do not capture attention, and fail to promise solutions to perceived problems.

  • Headlines do not have to be short, as long as each word has a purpose. Thus, if removing a word from a headline reduces its emotional impact, keep it. For example, in the heading, “Finally, you can know exactly where all your field employees are every second of the day," if you extract the words finally or exactly, you are removing emotional words, thus weakening the impact.

  • If you use a photo at the top of your ad or promotion, make sure your headline makes it clear what it is supposed to communicate. Photos can take viewers in endless directions. You want to ensure viewers go in the direction that will enhance the headline and increase impact.


Examples of Effective Headlines

  • (auto repair) How to avoid choosing a repair shop that will overcharge you and mess up your repairs

  • (restaurant) Four reasons why you should try our restaurant if you love eating out

  • (kitchen remodeling) Ten reasons why our customers can't wait to show you their kitchens

  • (financial planner) Within six months you’ll be laughing at money worries if you follow our six-step program

  • (dentist) Six reasons why people dread going to the dentist and how we overcame all of them

  • (coffee cafe) What the Local Starbucks® doesn't want you to know

These headlines capture attention and make it easy to create copy that will involve the readers, interest them, and get them to take action. If you have questions concerning writing headlines for your business, contact us for a free consultation.

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The way to ensure your advertising dollars are well spent is through diligence and research. If you follow these steps you will avoid throwing money away and get better results from your ads. Use this approach for all online and traditional media. 

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