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The Formula for Market Dominance™ Step 4:

Educate Your Prospects

Give Them the Knowledge They Need
to Make the Best Decision

You need to provide prospective clients (patients or customers) with the information they need so they can make an informed decision. Those within industries where trust is an issue, such as building and home repair, should also provide what to look for and watch out for in an accurate, specific, and unbiased way. (You can be impartial if your service is truly better than your competitors' services.) By educating your prospects, you open the door to differentiating what you provide in such a way that it will make your service the clear choice.


Download this promotion piece that demonstrates how to educate

your prospects in an industry where trust is an issue.

Often, it is difficult to tell prospects everything they need to know in an ad, commercial, email, or mailer. Therefore, you want to entice your prospects to get more information. You can provide as much information as is needed in one or a combination of the following: sales letters, reports, websites, CDs, DVDs, talks to groups, teleconferences or video conferences. Or, you can provide links to websites or social media pages (i.e., Facebook, YouTube videos, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc.). Choose the online source or format of a document your audience would respond to best. If you are uncertain which will generate the most business, survey your target market(s) to determine the format(s) they would most prefer.

Make Sure Your Communications
Will Be Well Received

If you are a doctor marketing to other doctors, such as an ENT marketing to internists, or an attorney marketing to other attorneys, such as a bankruptcy attorney marketing to business law firms, you need to be cautious and, perhaps, even subtle, in wording your advice. After all, if you are an attorney, do you want another attorney explaining to you what you need to know when deciding which attorney to refer a client to? Even if that attorney makes some points you never thought of, you would probably be resistive to receive advice, as you likely would believe you do not need it. In such situations, you can do one of the following:

 Preface the criteria with:

  • "Here is what I consider to be most important when I refer my clients to another attorney." Or,

  • "As you know, what you should look for when referring to another attorney is..."

In contrast to referral sources, nearly all prospective clients will welcome your expertise in how to select professional service providers.

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The way to ensure your advertising dollars are well spent is through diligence and research. If you follow these steps you will avoid throwing money away and get better results from your ads. Use this approach for all online and traditional media. 

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The following are the sources that helped enable us to develop our strategic marketing approach. We deeply appreciate them all.


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