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Strategic marketing for your accounting or law practice

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The services we provide for law and accounting firms are identical to the forms of assistance we deliver to other professional service practices, with a couple of exceptions. Thus, we recommend you visit the pages Service Options and Retainer Services to become aware of the specific services we provide and what your options are. 

The Planning Process

We usually begin our services by holding strategic and tactical planning sessions. During these meetings, we determine, with our client, the responses to a 26-point questionnaire, which enables us to uncover the entire scope of the practice's situation from a marketing perspective. The strategic portion of the marketing plan defines your target markets and determines what we will say and how we will express your messages to each audience. Target markets of a law firm, depending on its focus, may include other attorneys, CPAs, mental health professionals, employers, employee sectors, or consumer segments. Targets for accounting practices could include small businesses, corporations, affluent homeowners, attorneys, investors, or non-profits. 


At the conclusion of the planning process, we will have uncovered thorough answers to each of the seven steps of The Formula for Market Dominance. From this, we create the Primary Letter, the template that serves as the underlying source of all content of a client's future promotion. As a rule, we develop one Primary Letter for each target market.*

The tactical plan is that portion of the marketing plan that defines how we will implement the strategy. This includes specific actions that will be undertaken, which we call targets. Each target includes a deadline for completion and defines who is responsible for the accomplishment of the respective task. The tactical plan includes media selection, budgeting, establishing priorities, and measuring and analyzing results. Targets are usually grouped by defined markets.

Referral Building

We typically work with law and accounting clients to help them build referrals from (other) attorneys and service professionals, such as (other) accountants and therapists. We customize tactical plans for referral building based on the law or accounting firm's strengths, the needs and wants of their target markets, and the nature of their competitive environment. In some instances, we will contact referral sources on behalf of our clients. We often combine direct mail, opt-in email campaigns, and social media with direct marketing.

* The primary letter is a snapshot of your strategy that is used as a template from which all the promotion of a practice can be developed. This includes the content of a website, all social media (including YouTube®), brochures, advertising (online and traditional), direct mail, opt-in email blasts, and Powerpoint® presentations.  


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The way to ensure your advertising dollars are well spent is through diligence and research. If you follow these steps you will avoid throwing money away and get better results from your ads. Use this approach for all online and traditional media. 

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The following are the sources that helped enable us to develop our strategic marketing approach. We deeply appreciate them all.


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